Ramy Eidi Is A Happily Married Man

September 16, 2015
Ramy Eidi is a notable businessmen in Ohio and Michigan who has been involved in the commercial real estate revitalization industry. He is a noted veteran in the industry who is widely respected. Ramy Eidi is known for finding a diamond in the rough when it comes to real estate and revitalizing it effectively.

Ramy Eidi is a philanthropist in the area who has supported a number of non-profits and philanthropic events. He attended the Chefs for Children showcase last year and participated in the event by helping to raise money for local non-profits or charities. Ramy Eidi and his wife, Fatmeh Eidi, attended the event and were part of a team. The Chefs for Children charity was having its fifth annual event and was able to raise more than $425,000 for several local charities, including the Arts Commission, Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund, and ProMedica Toledo Children's Hospital. These are worthy local charities that are worth supporting and Ramy Eidi was proud to be able to contribute to helping them to be more successful.
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